Mission & Vision


Achieve Perfection through realistic Education for bringing in Excellence & Equity.


The Mission of the Institution was incepted on its very foundation in 1978 in the following words..
>> Establishment of a Higher Educational Unit with Institutional responsibility;
>> Making it a Centre of Learning;
>> Taking the lead in Sanskritisation process of the locality;
>> Promoting Socio-Economic-Educational & Political progress through Extension Activities;
>> Establish mutual beneficial partnership with Industry, Alumni, Local State & Central Governments in collaborative efforts for the development of the Stakeholders and the locality.
>> Preparing economically under-privileged young masses to face future challenges
>> Inculcating a spirit of self sufficiency in the Youth
>> Encouraging the Students to explore their hidden potentialities in co-curricular and extra-curricular activities.
>> Invigorating a sense of Courage & Dignity among the Girls through the Art of Self-defence
>> Acting as an alma mater to cradle growth, opportunities & development of the locality & finally
>> Shaping the Institution as a Model for others to emulate